How do I take care of my Easybreath®?”

Here is a great video on how to take care of your Easybreath® mask.

In order to fully enjoy your Easybreath® mask, here are some helpful tips:

1.  Avoid leaving your Easybreath® mask in the sand. The sand will scratch the lens and make it harder to see in the water.

2.  Do not force the snorkel onto your mask. If you feel sand or debris causing resistance, simply rinse your Easybreath® mask and snorkel before clipping together.

3.  Rinse and wash your Easybreath®. To guarantee the effectiveness and the comfort of your Easybreath® mask, wash it by hand with soap and water. If you use your mask regularly, then we recommend cleaning it once a week.
4.  Store your mask in the included aerated net so that it dries properly.  
5.  Just in case - sometimes sand can block the float in the snorkel.  Remember to check this out before you go out snorkeling.  You can just simply thoroughly rinse your snorkel before going out.  If this does not do the job, put a key through the aerations on the back of the snorkel.  This simple action will unblock the float. Once it is unblocked, simply rinse your snorkel and get to swimming!
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